Personal Intuitive Reading

$11.00 - $33.00

Get an intuitive snapshot of what's going on in your life from a high-level perspective. This includes an overview of your life from your mental/emotional/physical aspects at this time, challenges, your innermost objective, soul-level gifts, recent past, near future and potential overall outcome if things progress as they are currently. You will also gain an understanding of what kind of life lessons are in play and at what phase of the process you are in at the moment.

I am a firm believer in the Golden Rule — that which you give, you receive back tenfold. Please donate at the level you can afford and what feels right for you ❤︎

Your reading will be completed and sent to you via email within 72 hours. You will receive a written explanation of each card and its intuitive meaning, along with a photo of the cards and layout design that were called in for you, which provides a great way to reconnect with the energy and guidance of the reading later on.